Fueling a week of adventure!

Catering options exclusively for our staff team


Want to take the stress out of catering? Then, sign up for our staff catering option and we’ll have great meals waiting for you.


Saturday 1st August breakfast – Sunday 9th August breakfast


Cooked breakfast, packed lunch and hot dinner every day

How much?

£85 for adults and £70 for children, including 23 meals

Here’s what to expect:


Tea, Coffee, Juice and Cereals
Different cooked items each day

Packed lunch

Sandwiches or pastry items, crisps, fruit and snacks

Evening meal

Hot meal and dessert
Fresh fruit and soft drinks

Here’s some of the questions we’re frequently asked:

  • Will you cater for my special diet?
    Yes, please tell us about your special diet when you book your catering package.
  • Will I need cutlery, plates and bowls?
    No, we’ll provide all this.
  • Will there be flexibility on the meal timings, as I might be busy doing something around the site?
    Yes, we anticipate breakfast and the evening dinner lasting around 2 hours. Packed lunches are collected at breakfast, so you might want a cool bag to keep it fresh.
  • Is the Saturday night (8th August) staff BBQ included?
    No, the staff BBQ on the final night is available to everyone and included in the staff fee and so excluded from the staff catering package.
  • I’d like to ask a question
    Please get in touch with us at [email protected]
  • How do I book?
    Login to your Staff account and click on the Staff Catering tab. You’ll see a link to book staff catering, which will allow you to place your order, tell us about any special diets and pay using a debit or credit card.